Yesterday I came home from Glasgow, where the track’s European Championships took place. This championships were a very important event, because they gave the start to the Olympic Games’ qualifications.

The expectations were high, but we also had a lot of doubts about our conditions, because of our official track’s situation (it has been closed a few weeks ago). This situation forced us to train in a unoptimal way in this lasts weeks.

The first race of my european championships was the team pursuit’s qualifications in which I raced with Marta Cavalli, Letizia Paternister and Silvia Valsecchi. We did the second time (4’21″900) behind Great Britain (4’19″330) and we get to the second round against Germany. The next day we beat them and we get to the final against Great Britain: one of the world’s strongest team. The race has been balanced untill the 3rd kilometer, but than (in the last 3 laps) we lost our harmony and our opponents beat us easily. A Silver medal is always a good result, despite the disappointment for the mistake in the last km and for my bad legs during the race.

Unfortunatly I had the same feelings two days after in the elimination-race, where I couldn’t reach the podium even if my tactic were perfect.

This championships didn’t go as I thought, but with the silver medal in the team pursuit our “way to Tokyo 2020” started officialy!

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