Today I want to tell you a funny thing about this year’s italian championship.

After 30 km we came back to Rivoli (the start’s town): we had to do a short hill and a technical cubbled downhill. This was the most dangerous part of the circuit and it also started to rain… So with al the dirty and wet cubbles, happened what we all were scarred of: a big group – crashq (more or less 40 riders) in which I was involved, fortunately without bad consecuences…

As soon as possible I got up and pick up the first pinarello I found, but after a few meters I realised a strange adhesiv “Asja Paladin”. OH NO! IT’S NOT MY BICYCLE!

The funny thing is that also my teammate Asja didn’t realise that she was riding with my bicycle…I followed her and when I reached her everyone got his proper bike!