It’s World Championships time!

On Sunday me and my team mates will rapresent the Valcar-PBM at the Team Time Trial’s World Championships in Innsbruck. For shure it will be a big experience and we will also have the opportunity to show the entire world our jersey and the improvements we’re making as young team.

We know it will be hard because this kind of speciality has to be well prepared expecially the coordination between the riders, but we’re giving our best, anyway!

It won’t be our first team time trial, the last we made was one week ago in Madrid where we reaced the 6th place.

At Innsbruck will be harder and I, Marta Cavalli, Chiara Consonni, Maria Giulia Confalonieri, Ilaria Sanguineti and Alessia Vigilia are going to fight against all that “monsters”.

Watch us live on TV the 23th of September from 10 AM!