“Don’t give up! You’re doing a great job, but you have to stay around the 50km/h” is what our DS Davide Arzeni had told us during the 54km long team time trial, today in Innsbruck.

It has been a fantastic experience! 1’05’2 was our time when we crossed the finish line and we can only be happy about our race, because we managed to stay together and to keep a constant speed.

Also our team mates have fought with us (two of them came to cheer us) and even the president was so exited that he took of his sweater.

I was proud to show the entire world Valcar-PBM’s jersey and it was fantastic to see how we’ve cheered each other the whole time (expecially the lasts hard kilometers), thanks to the friendship between us.

We knew we couldn’t ride as fast as the “big teams”, but I think that this 8th place represents what the Valcar-PBM is: a new and young team that wants to grow more and more!

Congrats to the podium: Canyon, Boels and Sunweb!


  1. Congratulations Elisa! I look forward to following your blog posts and racing career! Brava!
    Vance Broussard “Team Gelato”