WIN! There is no better way to end a season than winning the last race!

This weekend I’ve raced with my team VALCAR-PBM at the Giro dell’Emilia (Saturday) and at the GP Beghelli (Today), two different races, one the opposite of the other. Saturday the first 96km were completely flat untill the “San Luca”, a short (2km) but really hard hill with a maximum pendence of 20%. It wasn’t my kind of race, but I found my rhythm and I could achieve a good 11th place.

This morning I knew I had a good condition after a calm period were I could train and rest at home. At the other side I knew there were the european champion (Marta Bastianelli) and also some other good sprinters at the start. I’ve tried to go into a break-away every time we did the little hill named the Zoppolino, but the downhill was to fast and the bunch reached us every time. I’m really lucky to have such good team mates that helped me the whole race, keeping me in the front of the group and, at the end, pulling the sprint in a perfect way so that I could give my best.

Today my road season ended, but in the next month I’ll race in the trak’s World’s Cup, so follow my new adventures!

Thank to all my team, athlets and staff, for this fantastic day!