Do you know how’s hell like? You had to be there yesterday!
166km race, heavy rain, strong wind, pavè, mud and cold.

The race has been really fast in the first 70km and I kept the best wheels and could stay in the first group of 25 riders! It seemed the race “was over” but unexpectedly we started to slow down so the second group reached us. Those slowly kilometers were the worst part: I was wet and the cold freezed me and in the last kilometers my legs were too tortured to pedal as I wanted. In the final 20km I had to change my bike because of a crush and I couldn’t reach the lead also because I was exhausted.

I hope the next races’ll be a bit “easier”!

I think it has been the hardest race I’ve ever done! It took me hours to reach a normal body temperature and I feel the sand in my eyes even now!

See you!

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  1. You did great-always fighting-never quiting! You will be back stronger than ever!