I was waiting the Gent-Wevelgem since some weeks, it was the first race that suited me good after a long time. I was full of hope because I was getting every day better and my feelings were good.

Unfortunately cycling is unpredictable and after just 2km I crushed and as soon as I saw my left knee I understood that there was no way I could start the race again. The ambulance brought me to the hospital where they putted me 18 stitches.

At the beginning it has been really hard to react to the situation, because in this short 2020 the races are less than usual and the ones I like the more are all in this period of the year, I was really sad and I was already thinking that my season was over.

The determination an athlete has is stronger, in fact as soon as I came back in Italy I started making physiotherapy every day and my knee is getting better.

The injury has always been clean and the swelling decreased, yesterday I could walk quite normally so this morning I decided to try to pedal again. The feeling I had while I was riding on my ergo was incredible and gave me hope for the next races.

Hopefully the pain will decrease day by day and I can’t wait to start again my training days. Anyway I have hope to come back racing the last races of this strange season.

I’ll keep you updated!