It has been hard coming to the end of this season, but if I could achieve all my goals and pass by all the difficulties is because I had around me a lot of people who helped and believed in me.

Valcar Travel&Service team

I would like to start thanking my team Valcar Travel&Service and the Police’s sportive club, in particular the president Valentino Villa and all the sponsors.

My trainer Davide Arzeni and my nutritionist Erica Lombardi with whom I work every day. They dedicate to me a lot of time and energies. I’m sure we’re following the right road!

Also the staff has been important: the masseurs and mechanics, whose work is extremely precious, and the photographer Twila Federica Muzzi.

I would also like to thank again all my teammates, without them I would have never reached all this results. As I always say, cycling is a team-sport even if the “dirty work” of the team is quite never recognized. So thank you Martina Alzini, Teniel Campbell, Marta Cavalli, Chiara Consonni, Vittoria Guazzini, Silvia Magri, Barbara Malcotti, Ilaria Sanguineti, Federica Piergiovanni, Elena Pirrone, Silvia Persico, Silvia Pollicini, Miriam Vece, Margaux Vigie.

Thank you also italian national team, all the staff and national teammates.

Italian national team

I want also to thank Matrix for whom I writing a blog that I suggest you to take a look.

A big thank also to Nuova Renato that supports me this year with his SKODA SCALA.


I want to thank also my family, I don’t need to spend words for them, they know everything.

With Silvia Pollicini

I would also like to thank everyone of you, my followers, who always cheer for me! For those who aren’t already subscribers I leave down here the module, so every time I publish an article you’ll receive an email.

Thank you Silvia Pollicini, not only a big friend of mine, she also helps me with the English version of the blog.

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Twila Federica Muzzi’s picutres

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  1. Elisa!

    What a wonderful year despite the so very many challenges! We are cheering for you, all of your California fans – so wonderful to hear their support.

    We speak with Bill Liske all the time, and he catches us up with anything we might miss, as do we him.

    We look forward to keeping in touch, we also look forward to traveling one day to Italy to see you and Sergio and Sylvia!

    Also, please keep us posted on your travels to the USA – we would love to cheer you on!

    So Much Love,
    Grover and Michelle