Good morning everyone!

I remind you that tomorrow night at 9 pm I’ll be live on my Instagram profile to drawn the winner of my european champion kit!!! I remember, however, that if someone fails to connect, I will write directly to the winner!

See you then! You are so many… around 300!!

If you are not subscribe yet you have a few hours to do that!

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  1. Elisa!

    We are so excited for you and wait to see who is the fortunate winner. We did not enter the draw, as I already have one of your personal winning shirts, and Grover is cheering you on!

    We hope whoever wins is inspired to follow their path, and has the success you have!

    Much Love to Sergio and Sylvia!

    We are in constant touch with Bill and Beth, and hope to get together soon in the new year.

    Much Love Elisa!!!

    Michelle and Grover