I’m really proud of myself. I couldn’t imagine to be so satisfied of my performance here in Brno, I did 23 km in 34:46 minutes. The circuit was really hard, there wasn’t any flat meter: or you went up or you went down, as I told you, it was an unusual time trial.

Since the first kilometer I had good feelings, I found my rhythm and I was concentrate during the race, thank also to my CT who spured me the whole time. In the lasts 1500 meters I started to feel the race’s tiredness and my speed went immediately decreased, but, since I was near to the finish, I gave all I got!

I’ve been sat a lot on the second place’s chair, so I started to believe that at least I could stay on the podium, but the last riders were too strong and I jumped in fifth place at only 14 seconds to the podium and 1:21 minutes to the winner (the Dutch Soet Aafke).

Not bad to be my first individual time trial!

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