I think it was one of the hardest race I’ve ever done. 102km and 2600 meters in altitude, we had to do 10 times a circuite with 500 meters of cobblestone climb and after that a climb of 3 km with a medium slope between 10 and 11%. The race has been hard since the first meter and at the second lap the bunch was already broken in little groups of 7/8 riders.

It has been difficult to finish the race, especially the last two laps I’ve started to suffer the fact that it wasn’t my kind of race! The winner, Nikola Nosková of Czech Republic, was stronger than the others: she did most of the race alone and arrived a lot before the second rider, imagine that when she was stepping on the podium I was crossing the finish line…!

I will sure remember this European championship, not for my result (even if I was of the 33 riders who’ve finished it) but for the effort I did.

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