Unfortunately my approach to this competition was not ideal because I got sick and just the week before the start of the races I had to stay still for a few days. For this reason I’m even happier for the bronze medal that Martina Alzini, Marta Cavalli, Vittoria Guazzini, Letizia Paternoster and I won in the team pursuit! The level was much different with the participation of 11 quartets, in qualifying we recorded the third time just a few tenths from Germany which was our direct opponent in the semi-final in which they beat us by less than a second and took away the possibility to enter the final for the gold medal. At this point we changed our formation (Alzini in place of Cavalli) and raced against France in the final and we managed to win with a good time: 4:18.610.
Having beaten France was very important for us in terms of the Olympic ranking, in fact the transalpines are behind us and with this placement we have further distanced them.

I’ll now in the first World Cup in Minsk which will take place from 1 to 3 November.

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