After a good 4:17.474 in the qualifications we were the second team behind the USA, in the semifinals just like a week ago at the European Championships, we raced against the strong Germans. Although they were a few tenths behind us in the qualifications, still once, they beat us to get to the final.
We, on the other hand, in the evening took part in the final for bronze against the transalpines and, just like at the European Championships, we managed to climb to the lowest step of the podium as a great time: 4:16.430 just 5 tenths from our Italian record.

The next day I started in the madison with Letizia Paternoster, my legs were quite exhausted after a very long season that started with the track last winter and continued with the road throughout the summer.
The 120 rounds race has been very challenging and without a moment of tranquility to even breath, we finished in eighth place with the knowledge that we still have to improve our technique. In this specialty changing perfectly, finding the right timing and the best affinity with the companion are fundamental elements. Surely this winter we will work carefully to improve all these aspects!

Finally now a total rest has arrived to recover all the physical and mental energies that will be necessary in the coming months to get in the maximum condition to the most important appointments.

Now I’m enjoying my off-season but I’ll keep you updated anyway!