My 2019 ended with a very long trip: to Australia!
In Brisbane I participated in the fifth round of the World Cup on the track getting a decent sixth place in the quartet composed of Alzini, Fidanza, me and Guazzini and a fifth place in the madison in coupple with Martina Fidanza.

The results may seem not excellent but I am still satisfied that I put a good workout in my legs after only 20 days from my rest-period. In these races it was important to continue to gain experience, especially in madison, a specialty in which every race there is always something to learn, and to get the body used to many intense efforts.

Also, since in Australia it is now summer and it is hot, we took advantage of it to stay a few days to train on the road taking advantage of the pleasant temperatures compared to the Italian ones!

Australia also had a completely different Christmas culture from ours! With Santa Claus in shorts and sandals and palm trees decorated with lights, a really strange atmosphere for us!

In the next month I have two long training camps in preparation for the Track World Championships: one in Spain and one in Colombia.

I take this opportunity to thank those who in 2019 have been by my side and supported me in my sporting activity: my Valcar team, my trainer Davide Arzeni, my companions and all the staff, my nutritionist Erica Lombardi, the Gold Flames and my family.

Happy 2020 to all, I’ll keep you updated