Good morning everyone

As I wrote in my previous article, this is a month of long training camps for the preparation of the trak’s World Champions.

We first spent a week in Spain looking for temperatures a little more pleasant than the Italian ones! It’s been a week of good group training and also with some specific strength work useful for track races.
We were a large group and the seven days passed quickly between the orange groves of Benicasim!

As soon as we returned, after only three days, we immediately left, this time with destination Duitama, Colombia. We have taken such a long journey to be able to train at altitude and in the heat: here we are 2400 meters above sea level and, as we’re in the southern hemisphere, we are in the middle of the summer, so we can train with more than 20 degrees!
Now we have been here for 12 days and the fatigue begins to be felt. In addition, the altitude training requires a lot of sensitivity and attention to both heartbeats and watts because they are different from those you have at home. But we are only a few days away from our return in Italy where we will train at the velodrome of Montichiari for the selections ahead of the World Championships!

I’ll definitely keep you updated!