On the podium


Yesterday a dream came true!

I really cared a lot about this race and in the last period I trained hard to get ready for this appointment, yesterday crossing the finish line with my arms raised was the cherry on the cake of a hard work!

During the race

The race was linear and we always managed to keep the race compact and under control by reacting well to every attack, we were a really united team and we ran very well until the last kilometers in which my teammates did a perfect train and they took me up to the last 170 meters for the sprint. It was a very difficult finish to interpret because it went down to 500 m and then started to climb, you had to be very careful not to anticipate too much and carefully choose the point where to start for the sprint and Chiara Consonni left me exactly where we had planned.

My wonderful teammates

I would like to name all the girls one by one and extend my gratitude to them: L. Borghesi, C. Consonni, V. Guazzini, E. Pirrone and S. Zanardi.

Team hug

The fact that all the girls collaborated for a single goal brought me back at the world championship in Doha in 2016 and makes me really happy because it means that I have still managed to earn their trust and value their work!

With the gold medal

I could not have asked for a better way to end my years in the Under 23 category. Unfortunately I will not be able to wear this jersey at any race because in women’s cycling there are still no races, except for the European, exclusively for this category. I hope that in the coming years there’ll be a special calendar just for this category!

I would also like to thank my Valcar Travel & Service team and the Fiamme Oro sports group, my trainer Davide Arzeni and my nutritionist Erica Lombardi and the staff of the Italian national team.

I also thank all of you who always support me with your cheering!

See you soon

The sprint

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  1. Spectacular team work and finished off with a perfect sprint! What a glorious way to end your incredible accomplishments you have garnered in the U23 category over the years.
    Elisa, you are a true champion !!!

    Your California Fan Club salutes you!