After a little rest period (I apologize if I didn’t write that much) I’ve already started the next season’s preparation. Batteries have been charged and the motivation is high. For sure I have many ambitions and objectives that give me the right determination for my trainings.

Behind me I leave a very good season with two victories and many results I didn’t expect, but, thanks to the good vibes and work of my team (Valcar PBM), I could achieve this unimaginable results. The track’s season has been good as well, in particular in the last two world cups of the 2018/2019 season.

I also have to thank the “Gruppo Sportivo Fiamme Oro” for the constant support and the enormous disponibility.

The participation at the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020 is my biggest dream and it gives me every day the strength to improve myself and to fight against the best world’s riders. I wish I could grow my condition even more and, step by step, achieve always the best result.

I will be part of Valcar PBM and his big project for the next season, but also I’ll be part of the Fiamme Oro for the track and national championships.

Keep following me, because, you know, sometimes dreams come true!