Hi everyone,

In this days of quarantine I’ve finally found time to take care of my blog, with the promise to post constantly, because writing is one of my passions!

I’m really proud to introduce you to the new version of the blog! I really hope you like it!

I’ve decided to start this article talking about the Track’s World Championships that took place in Berlin one month ago. Unfortunately 10 days before the competition, after months of preparation and hard trainings, I got sick. It kept me away from the bike for some days compromising my preparation, anyway I came to Berlin satisfied of the work I made!

Italian team pursuit. I’m the first girl, behind me Valsecchi, Alzini and Paternoster.

The first day Martina Alzini, Letizia Paternoster, Silvia Valsecchi and I did the team pursuit’s Italian record (4:15.2)! With this time we qualified sixth and the next day we disputed the first round against the Germans. The race hasn’t been one of the best, as we finished our World Championship in seventh position.

Team pursuit’s start. I’m the third.

Anyway, compared to the last years, we went closer to the other teams, the gap between the firsts was of only 4 seconds, and I’m really proud of that!

I’ve raced the madison on Saturday with Letizia Paternoster. A race that I’ll remember!

Change with Paternoster.

Since the beginning it has been a fast race, at half race the group was exploded! We wanted to improve our technique, staying in the front and achieve some points. We won two sprints, but then I hadn’t the strength to look in front of me and I kept racing watching only the wheel of the girl in front of me. At 30 laps to the end I realize we were thirds: I would have never imagine! There I realized that we could win a great bronze medal if only we kept fighting, and so we did! At the last sprint the French beat me for a few millimeters and won the silver medal, leaving us the bronze one.

The madison’s last sprint against the French Copponi.

This is the most important medal I’ve ever won in my career so far and gives me the strength to do even better.

Unfortunately when I came back after a few days started this difficult period and two days ago the Olympic Committee decided to postpone the Olympic Games. At the beginning it has been difficult, especially mentally, changing all the plans and goals for this season, I’m now trying to do the best preparation I can at home. I hope the contagion of the COVID-19 ends as soon as possible, once everyone’ll be safe we’ll come back to our normal lives, training outside and coming back racing!

I suggest you to read the article I wrote about the last Track’s World Championship and the Italian medals on BICISPORT!

I hope my stories could fill this long days a little!

Me and Paternoster with the bronze medal.
Hug after the finish line.

Pictures by Swpix Cycling.