I can’t hide that as soon as the news of the postponement of the Olympics reached me, I found myself puzzled and disoriented.

It has been hard to realize it because I had been working for that great appointment for more than two years, where I’ve been around the world trying to accumulate points for qualifying. Also after the world championships, with the new Italian record in team pursuit and bronze in madison, I was still more determined and focused on my goals: being selected among the 5 girls who would leave for Tokyo and keep the colors of the flag on that occasion.

It had not been easy to plan an adequate calendar to be able to prepare in the best way for the Games, after the Berlin world championship I would have had to devote to the road for two months and then move exclusively to the track.

With the postponement of a year we had to move the goals and change the preparation, mentally it was not easy even though now I have found the right balance trying to train at home as best as possible.

Thinking about it now, the choice to postpone Tokyo 2020 was right, unfortunately the world is in a truly dramatic situation, the health of citizens is to be put in first place and until the number of infections is practically zero, nobody can be cosidered safe. In addition, the Olympic Games are a worldwide event with an important story behind it and this story cannot be betrayed, the Olympic motto is “CITUS! ALTIUS! FORTIUS!” an exhortation to every athlete to be FASTER! HIGHER! STRONGER !, how would it have been possible if we cannot train in the best conditions? And above all, each state has adopted different restrictions and therefore we are not all put in the same conditions.

In addition, the Olympic spirit is linked to the phrase “The essential thing is not yo have won, but to have fought well”, which I personally have never been agreed with because I race to have fun and the moment I have the most fun is when I win, but in this moment if there had been Tokyo 2020 would have taken away the possibility for many athletes to participate. In fact, some states have suspended any type of international transport that would have hindered their representative from reaching Japan.

So with the postponement of a year we will all have the opportunity to participate and be able to prepare in the most appropriate way.

I’m still a young rider so I will use this year to grow and mature physically and technically and mentally.

I will keep you updated on my preparations and my goals.