Good morning everyone,

after two months of lockdown, on Monday I finally resumed my bike for a road outing, the feeling
was really strange and almost surreal!

From the first days of the lockdown at the beginning of March I had started training at home trying
to find a balance for not loosing my physical condition completely and to be ready for the day
when it would be possible to start training again on the road.

According to my trainer Davide Arzeni I decided to focus more on strength exercises and try to improve my performance on short and medium-length efforts, which should be particularly functional for the track.

Training on ergo

In my apartment I had a ergo, which had permanently my bike on, and some gym equipment that
were provided to me by the MATRIX with which I recently started a collaboration and that I thank
for literally saving me in these long sixty days.

Spending many hours on the ergo is both expensive , physically, in fact you lose a lot of liquids that
you have to replenish with adequate hydration, and mentally. That’s why we decided to focus on
the quality of the specific work rather than the amount of hours of training.

I also did a great job of general athletic preparation to try to balance as much as possible the
upper part of my body with the lower one that, being a cyclist, is inevitably stronger and
developed. In fact, as Enrico Campolunghi often says, who follows me for the part of the gym and
free body, “you have to be athletes first and only after cyclists”. We alternated heavier gym
sessions with weights at free body workouts that I particularly enjoyed because Enrico proposes
by videoconference a different work-out every night.

I think I did a good job at home in these weeks but I missed the road trainigs a lot and on Monday
being able to experience that feeling of freedom again on my Cannondale was wonderful! I felt
perfumes and saw landscapes that I almost didn’t even remember!

It will take a few days before I get used to sensations you normally have while you pedal on the
roar, like the feeling of driving the bike that is no longer stucked anchored to the floor and the
wind blowing in your face, but I will appreciate all this much more than before!

First training on Iseo lake

I’ve tried to find all the positive things as they say “not all evil is hurt”: I had much more time to
devote myself to University and I also took two exams in videocall. I was able to focus better on a
good nutrition that when I’m always around the world is not always easy to respect and for this
reasonfor I thank Erica Lombardi with whom I have been working for a couple of years now. I also
realized that in my frenetic life sometimes it is worth stopping to set the mind up and dedicate
time to the people and activities that we care about most.

I wish you all to enjoy your outdoors activities.

See you soon!