A couple of years ago I started the collaboration with the dietitian doctor Erica Lombardi who I would particularly like to thank for our journey and for the help she gave me to write this article in which I reveal the right choice of breakfast cereals.

I learned that for an athlet it is not only important to eat well but also to choose the right food and the correct amount based on the different types of training, in fact no food is prepared, cooked and placed on my table randomly.

Today I would like to talk to you about breakfast cereals. Cereals are taken, in according to their bromatological characteristics, differently depending on the type of training session:

  • Granolas, having a high chilocaloric power and also containing a good share of plant and fat proteins, are consumed before a resistant strength training. If you have to face an explosive strength training you should add puffed quinoa. In addition, if when you wake up you feel tired and you need more energy you can consume chocolate granola.
SARCHIO’s cereals
  • Oat flakes are particularly suitable for an endurance training because they have low glycemic carboidraites and many kilocalories. Adding a hot vegetable drink to them, you can prepare porridge which is a complete and filling meal.
  • Puffed buckwheat is ideal for a recovery workout because it has a low glycemic index and a good protein share.
  • Puffed quionoa is very suitable if you have to face a workout with medium work or, adding simple sugars together, in the threshold.
  • All these types of breakfast cereals can be mixed together for a mixed workout by modulating the amount of one type compared to another. In addition, the metabolic effect of all these cereals is amplified by other foods added in the meal.

After revealing some of my nutritional “secrets” I would like to thank very much Sarchio who sent me some of its products including breakfast cereals that you can see in the photo and that I recommend you try because in addition to being very good are also made with high quality raw materials.

I hope that you like and enjoyed this slightly different article.

See you soon!