After a spring full of races, time has come for a well-deserved rest!

At my home on Iseo Lake

After the Tour of Luxembourg, a mini stage race in which I participated more as a training than fighting for the GC, I allowed myself a few days of total rest with the company of my family.

Recovery is a fundamental part of an athlete’s preparation and after these days of complete relax I think I have recharged my batteries to face the second part of the season, which will be long and very intense. As you know my big goal for this 2021 is to participate in the Tokyo Olympic Games on track. In cycling, unlike in other sports such as athletics and swimming, we have qualified the nation in the last two years and just a few weeks before the Olympics the national team’s TC will name the five athletes who will participate in the most important event in the world of sport.

With my Matrix Fitness gym

In order to reach this goal I started again with the takc’s trainings and with the gym taking up all the specific workouts and strength exercises. My road activity will be quite reduced throughout the summer, but I am ready to work hard to crown my dream of being able to participate in the Olympic Games, a dream that I have since I was a little girl!

I will keep you updated and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask them in the comments below!

See you!